History Table: Gorhams Corner, 1998History Table: Gorhams Corner, 1998
Percent for Art Commission, Portland Maine
Transcending Silence: The Tubs Project, 1996Transcending Silence: The Tubs Project, 1996
A collaboration with students from Albion College, Victory Park, Albion, MI
Manhole Cover Project: A Gun Legacy 1996Manhole Cover Project: A Gun Legacy 1996
Civic, public sculpture/installation, testimonials, Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT
Permanence of Memory, 1995-96Permanence of Memory, 1995-96
Public installation, audio testimony, Two Lights State Park, Maine
Detroit Memorial, 1994Detroit Memorial, 1994
Shroud: Mother's Voices, 1992Shroud: Mother's Voices, 1992
Civic installation, video testimony, New Haven, CT
Awnings: Shelter, 1990Awnings: Shelter, 1990
Public, civic performative sculpture,New Haven, CT
Park Bench Shelter, 1989Park Bench Shelter, 1989
Public, civic performatvie sculpture, New Haven, CT
Homeless Carts, 1988-89Homeless Carts, 1988-89
Public, civic performative sculpture, Richmond, VA