c-print, video, 2003

[Endurance has a project website created by Andrei Kallaur: http://www.mccallumtarry.com/endurance]

26 homeless youths stand still looking directly into the camera for an hour without speaking. As each stands, the video is rendered with a time-lapsed effect in which traffic and pedestrians pass by and light fades into night and back again; during the transition from one youth/performer to the next, the video reverts into slow-time. The audio tracks on the video combine street sounds with edited sequences of the pre-recorded interviews. Every hour of real-time performance is compressed to 5 minutes, creating a finished work of two hours.

Each youth who took part in this collective action dedicated their participation to the memory of friends who died from life on the streets, and thus “stood for” those individuals who were absent. This memorial gesture also serves as a quiet act of civil disobedience in opposition to the Seattle Civility Laws that make standing or sitting motionless a crime.

endurance31.jpg endurance30.jpg endurance29.jpg endurance28.jpg endurance27.jpg Mamma Sara (Aug 6th, 2002; 11:01- 12:00pm), Endurance  Johnny (Aug 6th, 2002; 1:01-2:00pm), Endurance Jarred (Aug 6th, 2002; 9:01-10:00am), Endurance endurance23.jpg endurance22.jpg endurance21.jpg Raven (Aug 6th, 2002; 2:01-2:30pm), Endurance endurance19.jpg James (Aug 6th, 2002; 1:01-2:00am), Endurance endurance17.jpg endurance16.jpg Jessica (Aug 6th, 2002: 4:30-5:30pm), Endurance endurance14.jpg endurance13.jpg endurance12.jpg endurance11.jpg Richard (Aug 6th, 2002; 4:12-5:12pm), Endurance endurance09.jpg Fish (Aug 5th, 2002: 9:01-10:00pm), Endurance Wicked (Aug 5th, 2002; 8:01-9:00pm), Endurance Bill (Aug 6th, 2002; 12:01-1:00am), Endurance David (Aug 5th, 2002; 7:01-8:00pm), Endurance endurance05.jpg Jaclyn (Aug 6th, 2002; 7:01-8:00am), Endurance Billy (Aug. 6th,  2002; 4:01-5:00am), Endurance endurance01.jpg